mmj at SitePoint Forums has pointed out a link to a page that lists websites entitled 'Sites that make Mozilla sad'. Those sites apparently aren't too interested in the Mozilla/Netscape user population, catering only to Internet Explorer users *gasp*. has this to say:

To view the full Kingfisher plc site, please install a new-generation browser,
such as Internet Explorer 5, or Netscape 4.x. These can be downloaded free of
charge from Microsoft or Netscape.
A more basic text-based version of the site will also be made available
shortly for those with older or incompatible browsers.

Another site, pointed out by mmj,

To protect you from certain usability and/or security issues we currently
do not support Opera, Mozilla, earlier versions of Netscape or IE. If your
preferred browser is not supported, we recommend that you consider
co-installing a supported version.

Usability and security issus? :rolleyes: