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I’m confused by BEA Weblogic Server’s implementation of JMX. I’ve been trying to figure out how WLS 8.1 allows configuration and addition of new services so that I can run JADE (Java Agent DEvelopment Framework) as a managed service (via JMX). Basically, it would be a “port” of BlueJADE (which works for JBoss) for WLS. […]

Inspired by java.blogs, Bill Venners has set up Artima Weblogs for tech-oriented blog owners to submit their blogs so that it appears on an aggregated list. It does need a little redesign to make it look less “academic” though. I’ve signed up on the Open Source forums (only 3 of us at the time of […]

I’m toying with the idea of a multi-author Java tips blog, and am looking for possible contributors. If there is sufficient interest, I’ll be able to setup a subdomain to host the blog. Please do contact me at redemption at should you be interested. This is (what I foresee) a good opportunity to share […]

java.blogs gets confused

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21 Jun 2003

java.blogs apparently gets confused when I updated the title of a blog entry – the updated blog becomes the newest entry and my subsequent blog entry does not appear on the java.blogs front page, nor on the blog details page. I apologize to java.bloggers for being lead to my old entry yet again. I may […]

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Factory methods are simply methods that instantiate objects. Some factory methods in the Java 2 API that you would likely have used are the getInstance() and valueOf() methods. getInstance() is the conventional instantiation method in singletons, while valueOf() are often type-conversion methods, like in String.valueOf(int i). Providing a static factory method instead of a public […]