Following up on my previous post on the DAML/XSLT Adapter. It seems to do quite a good job at translating a DAML document into XML format, but it does choke when a complex ontology is used. Among other things, it produces <null> tags when it encounters certain DAML tags, and trips up when translating tags with fully qualified names (QNAME). It also seems, sadly, that the project is dead, seeing as the last update was back in July 2001.

Nevertheless, it will do for now and is sufficient for my project. All I got to do now for the PDA side is to write a parsing engine using kXML2 to translate the XML format into DAML model Java objects. On the heavy-weight peer side (mainframe or workstation), we can use the Jena toolkit from HP to instantiate DAML model Java objects from the ones I wrote, and write them out to a DAML file. I can only hope I have enough time to finish it, because I'm still fairly new to DAML, and have never actually done XML parsing before. Would have liked to use Digester, but it'd be difficult to port to the PDA. We did consider hand-rolling our own lightweight Digester clone for the PDA, for good abstraction and easy maintainability, but neither time nor expertise are on my side.