Well I had code block today, believe it or not. It's that state of mind where you can't make much (or any) progress in your development - a highly frustrating exercise.

To sooth my troubled mind, I got on a bus (I wasn't sure if it'd take me to where I wanted to go, but I just hopped on) and went alone to buy myself the Third Eye Blind album (Out of Vein) that I've been wanting to get for so long (well, at least since it's release last week, it felt like a long time). I'm a big Third Eye Blind fan - still listen to their very first album ever so often, Third Eye Blind. That's a tough album to live up to, but from what I've heard so far of Out of Vein, they're doing fine.

I also got No! from They Might Be Giants (they sang the theme song on Malcolm in the Middle, Boss of Me). They make the funniest and weirdest songs.