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Design Patterns ebook

In: Java

31 May 2003

I came across this great free ebook entitled the The Design Patterns Java Companion available here. I’m not sure why it is free, but it seems a legitimately free copy seeing as links to it prominently. I’m barely past the first chapter and skimmed through it quite a bit, and it seems to be […]

Yep Neverwinter Nights: Shadows of Undrentide, the expansion pack for Neverwinter Nights, has gone off for CD production. Not that I foresee myself playing it much if I do buy it, since there is no time, but the availability of Prestige classes is terribly attractive – would love to play a Harper! Ah I miss […]

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DAML/XSLT update

In: Java

30 May 2003

Following up on my previous post on the DAML/XSLT Adapter. It seems to do quite a good job at translating a DAML document into XML format, but it does choke when a complex ontology is used. Among other things, it produces <null> tags when it encounters certain DAML tags, and trips up when translating tags […]

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Exam results

In: Personal

29 May 2003

So my examination results were released today. It turned out pretty well. In fact, I couldn’t have asked for more. After the debacle the semester before where I failed a project module, my hopes of getting a 1st Class Honours were severely dented. Thankfully, this semester’s results were really ideal and I can set my […]

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Just in case anyone wants to follow up on the last XUL article by Harry Fuecks, SitePoint has published the 2nd of 3 parts in his introductory XUL tutorial, entitled Introducing XUL – The ‘Net’s Biggest Secret: Part 2. Seems like SitePoint split up the entire article series a little too much, because this one […]

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