How to have Firefox 3 and Firefox 2 running at the same time

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20 Aug 2007

Firefox 3, or Gran Paradiso, is really shaping up with some pretty cool new features being implemented in the recent months. That’s not including the cool FUEL (Firefox User Extension Library) JavaScript library that promises to make extension development a bajillion times more productive, Places for data storage, and the use of Cairo for graphics.

The problem with playing around with Firefox 3 is (by default) you can’t run both Firefox 2 and 3 at the same time since they both insist on using the same profile and insist on running only 1 copy of Firefox at any one time.

Want to get in on checking out the new features but still want good old Firefox 2? Here’s how:

  • First, you should create a new profile just for testing Firefox 3. You should do this to keep your precious Firefox profile safe from any problems in Firefox 3. Otherwise, Firefox 3 will use your current Firefox 2 profile by default. You can create a new profile easily with the Profile Manager, which you can access by running:

    /path/to/firefox -profilemanager -no-remote

    (Thanks to Jeff for pointing out that there is no need to close Firefox first before creating a new profile.)

    Firefox profile manager

    Create a new profile (I gave it an obvious name, ‘minefield’, which is the codename of the current Firefox trunk). If you get confused, the official Firefox website has more detailed instructions on how to create a new profile.

  • Now, you should already have one of the Firefox nightly builds. If not, you can download the latest nightly build from the Firefox nightly build directory. You can start up Firefox 2 normally (just so you can see Firefox 2 and 3 running side by side). For Firefox 3, we’re going to start it differently.
  • We’re gonna run Firefox 3 using our newly created profile. I’d written earlier on how you can run two Firefox profiles at the same time, and you can still do the same with Firefox 3:

    /path/to/firefox3 -P minefield -no-remote &

    The ‘minefield’ in the command is the name of the profile we created earlier. Windows users should leave out the ‘&’ (on UNIX-based systems, this just runs Minefield in the background so that you can exit your terminal).

  • Firefox 3 should start up with your new clean profile!

    Firefox and Minefield icons in my Mac OS X dock

    That’s the Firefox 3 (Minefield) icon living right next to my Firefox 2 icon in my dock (yeah, I use a Mac).

Andy Croll (who works at Bezurk too) has written a convenient little AppleScript so you don’t have to repeat these steps.

Just so I can put up another screenshot (as if I needed to prove that this really works), here’s Firefox 2 and one of the recent Firefox 3 nightly builds running side by side:

Have fun! I think I’ll get back to watching the development of the trunk (now that it’s getting more exciting) like I used to in the build up to Firefox 1 and 2. I may even make some posts!

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The final quarter revenues of $1.15 billion grew by 37% annually. This significant growth includes the benefits from your acquisition of ExactTarget. Salesforce earns its revenues primarily from subscriptions which are charged on a pro rated basis on the contract period, and recognizes customers because the entity, company or organization that purchases subscriptions on a per user cause of its employees. The subscription and support (that is the reason 94% of total revenues) added $1.08 billion revenues, reflecting a boost of 37%. The professional services (that are the cause of 4% of total revenues) also become an increase catalyst for the company, that generated $70 million, reflecting an improvement of 43% year over year. This quarter, the metric increased 35% annually to $2.52 billion. Unbilled deferred revenues, a metric that measures the quantity contracted and not yet billed, increased 29% annually to $4.5 billion, thus reflecting a substantial backlog.

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Salesforce Expansion in Europe to Flourish Its Growth ProspectsSalesforce has witnessed tremendous revenue expansion of 41% inside the European region during fiscal year 2014. To take good thing about this lucrative opportunity, Salesforce recently thought we would expand its operation. in August 2014, with additional data centers to open in France and Germany in 2015.

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Industry Outlook and Salesforce’s Recent DevelopmentsGartner forecasts the worldwide dollar valued IT spending forecast will grow 3.1% in 2014, reaching $3.8 trillion. To look at benefit from this growth in data center systems and cloud computing, Salesforce may be expanding aggressively by way of a significant quantity of acquisitions since 2006. The newly acquired company has a lot more than 6,000 customers, including major corporations like Coca Cola (KO), Gap (GPS), and Nike (NKE).

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